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Some of flowermac's customers have sent us not only testimonials. They have also kindly taken the time and trouble to send us images of our products they have pruchased and arranged themselves.

Thank you so much for all your help with the flowers, they were beautiful and my son and daughter in law loved them.. Thanks again Dave.  Maureen

Products displayed; Lissianthus from Holland, Joytec roses, colombian gyp, leather leaf foliage


Lastly, what would Easter be without some lovely English daffodils! ‏ Yolandi Pedersen

Products displayed;Trumpet daffodils from a renowned nursery in Spalding Lincolnshire


My most Beautiful arrangement! Yolandi Pedersen

Products displayed; Oriental lillies from DW Ford nursery in Lincolnshire. Ecuadorian sweetness roses and foliage

Beautiful red roses and white lillies, Yolandi Pedersen‏ 

Products displayed; Ecuadorian freedom red roses, colombian gyp, dutch lissianthus and English lillies


Easter arrangement,  Yolandi Pedersen

Products displayed; Quality Scilly Isle Iris, Colombian spikey Blooms‏    







My flower arrangements, ‏ Yolandi Pedersen

Products displayed; Ecuadorian "coffee break" Roses and Dutch lissianthus


Here is Jenny Sefton's lovely painting of English Alstromaria's. Jenny specialises in bespoke paintings and stationary orders for all occastions. Please see Jenny's website link below.



Forrest Row Church Flower Ladies Lin and Mary created these beautiful arrangements for choir singing church members wedding.


The arrangements consisted of English Alstromaria and Lissianthus from Geater's award winning Nursery in Suffolk, stunning Ecuadorean pink passion roses, lovely large and small Gerbera's. With a variety of foliage.



Below is a picture of Marguerite's (Flowermac customer) two fireplace vases. Containing English Chrysanthamums, Gerberas and Colombian Gyp.




Below is a Flowermac customers vase of the fantastic English Tulips. Grown by Par four Flowers in Lincolnshire. These Tulips are of the highest quality and are available from December through to April.






About Us

At Flowermac we only select fresh flowers and plants of the highest quality for our customers that are available from New Covent Garden flower market. All of our floristry work is given the time and effort from our staff to ensure you always receive high quality floral products.

We will always aim to deliver our customer orders at the selected times they have chosen (A.M or P.M) and e-mail confirmation once we have delivered their order. Our business account department along with our funeral directors scheme is expanding as we continue to improve our product range.

Always giving an exceptional service and building good customer relations will be our main aim at Flowermac.


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